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F4 Savannah

Akubakiah Akeena F6 Savannah

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Savannah Cats originated from a cross between an African Serval and a Domestic Shorthair (DSH) cat.  The original F1 (1/2 Serval, 1/2 domestic) males are not fertile. Females were chosen and bred down to the F5 (5 generations removed from the Serval), and males became fertile.  The fertile male Savannahs were bred with female Savannahs creating the breed now known as the "Savannah Cat."  

The ideal Savannah has many characteristics of the African Serval, yet is a breed of cat unlike any other.  Long, lean yet strong bodies, tall ears, hooded eyes, bold spotting and short tails make the beautiful Savannah unique.

The Savannah personality is out-going and fun-loving.  They are playful and engaging, often enjoying water, and always enjoying companionship and playtime.  These intelligent cats are active and imaginative.  For those who wish to have a cat who is involved with the family, a Savannah may be the perfect choice.

We are no longer breeding Savannah kittens.

Akubakiah Akisa TaKia F6 Savannah